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Crafting a Good Email Message

Crafting a Good Email Message

Crafting a Good Email Message

by Leo

Last time I talked about how to make your email outstanding in between other marketing emails.  In extension to that, I am going to talk about the factors to be taken into consideration in writing good email messages.

Remember, you are writing to a human being.  Depends on what industry you are in, you may want to write your email in a less formal way.  Write it like how you would talk to your friends (OK, no F word) and try to avoid difficult jargon.

Moreover, cut your email message in smaller chunks, and get straight to the point.  Don’t make people guess.  Remember the KISS principle.

If you are doing the job of crafting a good subject line, then you email message should concur with the subject line, and explains why your recipients should take your offer.

If you are doing all these, that’s great!  One more tip – add a personal touch.  Try to tailor your message to your reader.  Think about the personalization options that you can use in your email services like GetResponse.

If you have done your subject line work properly and written good contents consistently, then you will stand a much bigger chance to have your emails opened.  This leads to the next topic – lead nurturing.

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