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How to Boost Your Email Open Rate

How to Boost Your Email Open Rate

How to Boost Your Email Open Rate

by Leo

Undeniably, email marketing plays a major part in the sales nurturing process.  However, I am sure you are in the same situation, people nowadays are being bombarded with lots of marketing emails.  In fact it is so easy to delete an email – just a quick swipe on the phone is needed.  Therefore, mastering email marketing is an essential skills to a successful online business.

When an email arrives at your mailbox, what do you see first?  The most obvious parts are the subject line, the preheader, and who the email is sent from.  Let’s look at these components one at a time.

The Subject Line

Let’s put it this way – the subject line is just like a newspaper headline.  This is your only opportunity to grab a person’s attention – and you only got 0.2 seconds to do this.

Your subject line needs to be concise and presents real value.  It has to focus and relevant to the reader who receives your email.  Remember, they are VERY busy.  Try to limit your subject line to be less than 40 characters, and put important keywords towards the front.

Furthermore, if your subject line shows that there is value in the email message, you certainly stand a bigger chance of having the email opened.

You should not focus on “me”, but “you” – your customer.  Tailor the subject line around their needs, not yours.

The Preheader

What exactly is a preheader?  If you look at your inbox, you will see about 2 lines of text underneath the subject line.  That is the preheader.  It serves as a little summary of your email.  You will want valuable information on these 2 lines instead of “Click here to view this on the web”.

Your Name – the Sender

Not everybody who receive your emails know you.  You do have to work hard to put your name into the recipients’ memory.  You need to get to a point when people saw your name on the inbox, they would be interested to open your email.

How do you do that?  That brings to the next blog post – the email message.

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