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How to Write a Video Sales Message that Converts

How to Write a Video Marketing Message that Converts

We talked about how to make an engaging video. Now, are your marketing videos effective in converting the viewers? To improve the effectiveness of you...
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Why Video Marketing

Why Video Marketing?

Video marketing has been quite a popular topic over the last few years. It takes off due to a few factors: Google bought YouTube and as you have...
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How to write video sales message that engages viewers

How to Write a Video Sales Message that Engages Your Viewers

My first question would be: have you thought it through before you write your message? Don’t worry about how your video program works, just jot down...
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3 types of marketing videos

Types of Videos Used for Video Marketing

Generally speaking, there are 3 popular types of marketing videos.  They are widely used in video marketing. 1. Animation / Whiteboard Animation Vi...
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eBay Partner Network Downloadable Feed Webinar

eBay Downloadable Feed Webinar

There will be a webinar about eBay's downloadable feed on 26 August, 2015, 9am PDT. For those who are less familiar with eBay Partner Network, the ...
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